Whole Leaf Herbal Blends
Chai & Exotic Blends 

1. New York Chai - Rooibos w/ Sheredded Coconut
2. Myrtle Beach- Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass

3.  Sleepy Hollow - Chamomile
4.  Sierra Madre - Blood Orange
New York Chai   $16
Dry Herbal Blend
Coconut Shredded,South African Rooibos,ginger root,
cinnamon,vanilla flavor.Naturally decaffinated,
Sensuous Coconut and Vanilla zest.
Natural delicate sweetness,full flavored coconut
with a hint of vanilla. 
Serve: Hot or Iced

4 oz. $16.00     

Myrtle Beach   $16
Dry Herbal Blend
Eucalyptus,Lemon Grass,lemon myrtle,
marigold rose hips, orange zest  aromatic brisk blend,
bright and thirst quenching Soothing,and cleansing
Hot or Iced
4 oz. $16.00      

Sleepy Hollow   $16

Dry Herbal Blend
Chamomile, Lemon peel,Hibiscus,lemon flavor
Calming, soothing Chamomile with a twist of lemon.
The Hibiscus creates a beautiful wine color.
Hot or Iced

4 oz. $16:00       

Jasmine    $16
Jasmine with Green Tea
A robust tea providing layers of taste experiences
with the surprise of fresh Jasmine at the end that
delightfully touches the tongue.Do not over brew. Steep 3 Minutes. 
The leaves are hand rolled into during
the steeping time these leaves unroll and
floral and fresh green tea scent releases,
a full-bodied refreshing sweet taste, and a pleasing
long lasting floral aromatic aftertaste.
Serve Hot or Iced

4 oz. $16:00        

Asbury Park    $16
Hibiscus Rose Petals
Allergens.none  Herbs  USA

Herbal Blends  Serve Hot or Iced

 4 oz. $16:00        

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